Three Exhibitions and Busy Times

It has been quite a busy couple of weeks, and things are beginning to gather pace. I currently have four of my artworks in an exhibition through the WSA, at Himley Hall near Dudley and Stourbridge. This exhibition will be running until early June 2022.

I also have five pieces in an exhibition at The Granary Gallery, Weston Park. Called ‘The Art Collective’, this exhibition also holds works by Richard Brompton and the one and only Sir Joshua Reynolds! To be within the same room as such greats is a real honour and privilege. This exhibition will be running until the end of April 2022.

I also have 22 pieces of work at The Fingerpost Pub in Pelsall (Near Walsall). This is my very first solo exhibition, and one I am very proud of. Running throughout April and May 2022, this exhibition holds some of my very newest work, including the brand new ‘This is Our Space’.

There is also the exhibition in conjunction with the RBSA later in the year AND a couple more, potentially in the pipeline… so I better get painting!!

We recently got out and about for the first time this year, when we did the Moseley Art Market. The weather was kind to us, and there were a few people about and it was nice to be doing ‘our thing’ again. Even IF it felt like our first day ever, and we didn’t know where anything was or where we had packed stuff… but we got there!

We have taken the decision this year, to focus more on hitting the larger art festivals, rather than the smaller ‘art markets’. Some of them that we did last year really didn’t work for us. We persisted with them but on the whole, they didn’t achieve what we wanted to achieve. So, this year, we have retained the better, more ‘art’ based markets (Moseley, Edgbaston and Malvern) and shall be doing the likes of Art in the Park in Leamington Spa, Patching Art Festival in Nottinghamshire, Art Unequalled in Ely in Cambridgeshire and Art in the Gardens in Sheffield. If you take a look at our ‘Where Are We Next?’ page on the website, all of the dates are detailed.

This arrangement ‘should’ give me a little more time to actually create MORE ART. I have taken to working on slightly larger pieces in recent weeks, and I am loving it. Ultimately, I would love to be able to work on some HUGE pieces, but I am currently very restricted on space… so for the time being, A1 size is about as big as I can get – and I have already had to commandeer the dining room to do that!

My work has taken on a bit more of an abstract form in the last few pieces, since the turn of the year. I am also tending to use the same colour palette. ‘Fevered Dreams’ and ‘This is Our Space’ have the same general design with the powerful broken horizontal lines forming the background from which the image of the painting emerges. My latest, unfinished piece (at the time of writing), which is already entitled ‘Precipice’, follows the same rules.

Hopefully we get to meet up with many of our old friends this year, as we do the rounds. It’ll be nice to see some familiar faces.


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