Create Your Own Gallery

Remember to send your completed drawings and paintings to and you too could appear in the ‘Create Your Own’ Gallery.

The fabulously colourful, ‘Sharks of the Caribbean‘ by Freddie Thomas, aged 8 – Walsall

Great linework. This ‘Bull‘ seems to appear in a cloud of African Savanna dust – by Tiffo, 30 – Peterborough

Lots of fun and movement in this ‘Bull‘ by Ben Wood, aged 7 – Bristol

Sue Oldershaw sent me this colourful cubist wine bottle and glass that she was inspired to create after watching my demonstration for the Spalding Society of Artists, over in Lincolnshire.

Diane Garrett was also inspired to create her own colourful Cubist masterpiece, following my demonstration for the Spalding Society of Artists.

Beautifully created by Lillie, aged 6, from near Chesterfield. Lillie was inspired by seeing some of the artist’s work on the wall at her Grandparent’s home. I LOVE the use of collage in this fabulous piece.

Another colourful masterpiece by Lillie, aged 6 from near Chesterfield. Keep up the great work, Lillie!

Monstera‘ by Sue Buswell. Sue came to one of the artist’s demonstration evenings in June ’24 for the Desford & Peckleton Art Club, and felt inspired to go home and ‘give it a go’. Fantastic line work and Sue has really embraced the importance of off-setting the lines and creating those points of interest.

Lemaire Passage‘ by Shaun Hughes. Shaun, who is an experienced artist, attended the Cubism at the Cube workshop in Malvern, in May ’24 – and produced this stunning piece of work. There is so much going on in this painting.

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