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Alan Woodhams (My Dad)

Coronavirus Lockdown Blues

In boredom I pick up my puzzles again,
But instead of expanding, they’re numbing my brain.
Losing patience, minutes into a simple task.
Hours spent in the shop queue, in my homemade mask.
The rest of the day spent watching the news.
I’ve got the coronavirus lockdown blues.

There’s nothing to keep me from climbing the walls;
Daytime television, being, the be all to end all.
If I see one more politician, I think I may scream.
I’m shouting insult at the chefs on the screen.
There is no more of my ego left to bruise.
I’ve got the coronavirus lockdown blues.

I’m not allowed to go long distance by car;
At my advanced age, I can’t walk all that far.
Take an Hungarian when you go for a stroll.
No, sorry I meant to say, take a walking pole.
In any event, I’ve worn out my shoes.
I’ve got the coronavirus lockdown blues.

I know, deep in my heart, that I must
Watch the habits of a lifetime crumble to dust.
I couldn’t go for a drink on St. George’s Day.
Even he couldn’t slay dragons from two metres away!
I’m finding, some you don’t win, others you lose.
I’ve got the coronavirus lockdown blues.

In the hope of delaying the journey to heaven,
I’ve re-arranged the caravan holiday in Devon.
I’ve cancelled the train ride alongside the Severn.
I’ve called off the coach trip to Kinlochleven.
Also the long anticipated Mediterranean cruise.
I’ve got the coronavirus lockdown blues.

Hang out with friends, if that suits your head,
Or you can opt for staying at home instead.
But now there are thirty-three thousand dead,
And still countless numbers in hospital beds.
I know which of the two I’m going to choose.
GIVE ME the coronavirus lockdown blues.

From these worldwide shackles there’s no easy escape.
The message is, loud and clear. Stay home. Stay Safe.

Copyright Alan Woodhams 2020

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