Firstly, thank you very much for visiting my brand new website. I am Steve Woodhams, I was born in 1971 and I am a self taught artist, living in the Black Country in central England, with my partner Jackie.

Most of my working life has been spent as an Operations Manager, based predominantly in the lighting sector. I have always enjoyed art but have never received any formal art training, and only recently took the plunge in to cubism, or at least my take on cubism. I quickly developed a style that I enjoy and that thankfully, other people enjoy too. On the whole, my art looks complicated upon first glance and it is assumed that meticulous planning goes into each composition. However, in reality the opposite is true. I try not to dwell or over-think the process, or what I am about to do next. Instead, I prefer to let the work flow and almost let my sub-conscious control the pen, pencil or brush. Hopefully then, when viewing my work, it allows the eye to travel across the canvas comfortably and with a degree of logical ease.

I guess my art style is ‘of our time’. With the current uncertainty in the world and the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in, my art often reflects the day-to-day issues that we are all currently facing.

Well, I would like to thank you again for visiting, and I sincerely hope that you enjoy my art. If you have any questions or would like to know more about my art, then please do go to my contact page for information on how to do so.

Take care and keep safe!

Steve Woodhams

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