‘Tryst’ – Original Artwork (Framed dimension 735 x 560mm)


This fabulous painting is beautifully presented in a conservation grade, acid resistant mount. This sits perfectly within a black handmade, wooden frame. The outer dimensions of which measure 735x560mm.

It may be possible to re-frame this artwork to better suit your décor. If this is the case then please contact us at stevewoodhamsart@outlook.com


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The original artwork entitled, ‘Tryst’. Created using heavy bodied acrylics and archival ink fine liners.

This work took around three months to complete. Each of the many ‘segments’ were worked on individually, like a mini piece of art in their own right. Produced in luscious heavy bodied acrylic paint and archival ink. The vibrant and eye catching blue contrasts beautifully with the dark, inky blue / black. Elsewhere, the intricate and meticulous line work makes the eye dance across the canvas.

If you have any questions at all regarding this painting, please contact stevewoodhamsart@outlook.com