‘Fevered Dreams’ – Original Artwork (Framed dimension approx 560 x 410mm)


This fabulous painting is beautifully presented in a conservation grade, acid resistant mount. This sits perfectly within a handmade, wooden frame. The outer dimensions of which measure approximately 560x410mm

PLEASE NOTE: This art work is currently in safe storage and will be mounted and framed upon receipt of an order. Delivery will therefore be approximately two weeks.

Please contact us at stevewoodhamsart@outlook.com if you would like any further information.


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The original Artwork entitled ‘Fevered Dreams’ – created using acrylic pens and archival ink fine liners.

This was the final piece of the five in a collection of work completed between November 21 and January 22. I created this one following my time with Covid-19. I tested positive on New Year’s Eve, and for a number of days I drifted in and out of a fever which massively effected my sleep.  During my all to brief periods of sleep I experienced a series of vivid, recurring and slowly evolving dreams. They were deeply frustrating dreams in which I had to solve or unravel one ‘puzzle’ after another… it certainly wasn’t restful sleep.

In ‘Fevered Dreams’ I have tried to create an interpretation or visual representation of those dreams, and so it varies in style a little from the other works in the collection.

If you have any questions at all regarding this painting, please contact stevewoodhamsart@outlook.com